Life at SVCP

Student Life
SVCP supports life outside classroom. The institution takes special care to provide all the facilities that are required, which will help better the pupil as an individual. A home away from home is nicely materialized in each of our residential complexes for boys and girls are all about. Beautiful rooms with all the amenities, nutritious food in an extremely hygienic environment, are some of the things you will find here.

The institution encourages students to participate in basketball, football, cricket and tennis. We encourage them to take part in competition with a sportsman spirit. Expert coaches provide training to the able players to compete in competitions of higher order. Our students have competed in both the national and at state level.

Residential Education
The beautiful campus, mega infrastructure and anything that caters to the need of the student, whether intellectual or physical, state-of-the art facilities, is as big as the dream of Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Babu. Our hostel dorms are spacious and each dorm has a study room, one that is well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. Learning and enjoying happen at the same time and the atmosphere promotes a healthy living and a healthy mind.

Television, music, sports etc. are some forms of entertainment that we provide in our campus for the hostel students. Every Saturday, an old classic movie is played. Every hostel block has a common TV and a music system and some indoor games. Movies are however not played during the exam period. On Sundays the students are free to watch television and do other activities as per daily schedule.

News Paper
The hostels also subscribe to newspapers that will help students understand the world outside their room and campus.


Dining Services

The dining hall is spacious and can accommodate 900 students at the same time. The food is prepared and served in a hygienic environment. The kitchen also has all the necessary cooking gadgets.

The kitchen is run by qualified catering manager, who knows Nutrition and Dietetics. The cafeteria-style menu is varied and well balanced, offering choices of vegetarian/Non Vegetarian and catering, where necessary for special dietary need. We have mineral water plant supplying 24hrs bacteria free drinking water to hostel, cafeteria, and class rooms.


The hostel has six blocks, each of which accommodates 100 students. Each of these blocks has 10-15 dormitories that can accommodate 8-12 students. The blocks are constructed in such a way that it aerially depicts the letters BABU M. The rooms are well ventilated and the windows are covered with mesh. Washrooms, toilets and bathrooms are hygienically maintained. The campus is secure under our 40 security guards, who are ex-servicemen. The campus provides 24 hour electricity supply. Tuck shops in the campus have the required toiletries, stationery and confectionery.

Mail services

Our campus holds the state-of-art facility with 1160 computers of Pentium 4 processors. The 24 hour internet facility ensures that the students make the best use of it, along with our e-class rooms. The lab is open on Sundays also.


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to unleashing potential of the students. The OBCs, SC and ST students are given concessions. Scholarship is also awarded to the hardworking students based on merit.


Transportation is provided to all the day scholars who travel from different parts of Tirupati. The facility is aimed at easing the life of students.


Our institution is committed to wellbeing of the students. Safety, well-being, health care is our next motto, second to quality education. The campus has a 24 hour medical facility with two qualified staff nurses, and regular visits paid by General Physician hired by the institution.

Safety devices that are needed at the time of emergency are also available. Students insurance is the next step we are going to take, all this for the betterment of our students.